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On Display

5" x 7" oil

Side Gate - Santa Fe

24" x 20" oil

Upstairs Roses

16" x 12" oil on canvas

San Francisco de Asis Mission Church #2 (Taos)

8" x 10" oil

The Open Book

20" x 16" oil

Shadows of Santa Fe

8" x 10" oil

Neighbors Up North

9" x 12" oil

Art Studio, Taos

16" x 12" oil on linen

Nick Berry was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1955 and began painting at the age of fifteen. After graduating from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, he spent the next five years as a commercial artist. Since 1986, he has been dedicated to giving people enjoyment through his oil painting. Traveling extensively throughout France, Italy, England and the United States, Nick goes to great lengths to find his subject matter. "It is my goal to portray the compassion of the people and beauty of their different lands on my canvases."