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Guardian 3

steel, polyester resin and acrylic
50"h x 16" x 14"

Iron Sculpture

30"h x 17"w x 12"d
steel sculpture

I regard my sculptures and drawings as materialization of the most profound parts of my experiences. They start on an unknown level of the consciousness, and force their way upwards, where they mature into a drive for physical realization. The space within which this process develops is a mixture of energy, both positive and negative, passive and active. I see the time in which I live as an over-saturated, labile, explosive stratum of this space; sculptures and drawings push through it on their way towards a new, more synchronized stratum. My sculpture aspires to articulate those fields of our experience that remain before or after verbalization. They invite the viewer to enter into a relationship with them which may involve scrutiny, while also bringing the awareness of a physical space. Both sculptures and drawings are part of a creative process that focuses on spacial dynamics and relations between concept and form. Space itself becomes part of the overall movement of the piece bringing to mind notions of speed, acceleration, rhythm and energy. The particular use of steel as a material suggests the contradictory possibilities of gravity and dematerialization.

7th September 1958, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1989 Graduated in Sculpture, University of Art, Belgrade
1991 M.A. in Sculpture, University of Art, Belgrade

In 1991 took up residence in London
In 2009 took up residence in Oklahoma City
Member of Royal Society of British Sculptors

One man shows:
1989 Sculptures and Drawings, FLU Gallery, Belgrade
1990 Sculptures and Drawings, Most Gallery, Belgrade
1991 Sculptures and Drawings, Kolarac Gallery, Belgrade
1992 Sculptures and Drawings, Pro-Art Gallery, London
1995 Sculptures and Drawings, Alternative Art Gallery, London
1997 Sculptures and Drawings, The Kelly Gallery, London
2004 Sculptures and Drawings, ULUS Gallery, Belgrade
2008 Sculptures and Drawings, Chak Hill Gallery , Guilford
2009 Sculptures and Drawings , Libertine , London
2010 Sculptures and Drawings , JRB Gallery , Oklahoma City
2012 Sculptures and Drawings , Cohn Drennen Gallery, Dallas
Group Shows:

Extensively exhibited in group shows throughout Europe and USA

1989-1991 Sculpture in Metal, University of Art, Belgrade
1996-1998 Sculpture, University of Manchester
2000-2002 Life Drawing - Brunell University

Corporate collections include :
Standard Life , Dresdner Bank , Backer & McKenze , RPM , Bank of America ,
String-Tokyo, Israel-Africa , M&S , Earls Estate , Jigsaw , Wilkins & Elkinson

Private collections
Over 80 sculptures in private collections
Applied Art Commissions includes:
Over 30 realized projects of staircases and other architectural and interior design features.


1989 Nominated Best Young Sculptor , S Stojanovic Foundation
1989 Prize for the best Metal Sculpture , KAT Foundation
1990 Prize for the best Metal Sculpture , S Venac Foundation
1990 Critics Choice for 1990 , Kulturni Centar
2000 Won public art competition for the Thisel Center - Stirling
2008 Won public art competition for the Airport City - Belgrade
2010 Short listed for the new Board of Pharmacy building public art project