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Winter Sunset @ The Crossing

36" x 48" oil

Galen's Sunset

24" x 18" oil

Meadow with Red Trees

8" x 16" oil

Autumn Meadow

11" x 14" oil

Finally, Glorious Morning Light

11" x 12" oil on board

Autumn Landscape

10" x 10" oil

Meadows of Many Colors

12" x 9" oil

Autumn Colors

8" x 12" oil on board

Reflections, Spring Meadow

12" x 12" oil on panel

Snow Remnants

8" x 10" oil

Red Trees with Blue Rolling Hills

20" x 22" oil

Green Meadow with Red & Blue

16" x 20" oil

Morning Colors

12" x 12" oil

Sun Breaking Thru

18" x 24" oil

Wandering Shadows

20" x 24" oil

Jerry McWilliams was born in 1945 in Durant, Oklahoma. Jerry graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 1969 and moved his wife Janet and their family to Dallas, Texas. There, he worked as an engineering draftsman for Texas Instruments until 1974, when he returned to Oklahoma. Jerry has been professionally exhibiting his art since 1981.

"I want my work to reflect a love of color and the dramatic interplay of light and shadow. I hope my painting, whether on location or in the studio, will show a passion for the actual application of the paint itself."

Jerry has attended workshops under such noted artists as Albert Handell and Kevin MacPherson, as well as giving his own workshops and demonstrations. Jerry and his family now live on the "old home place" which is a 120 acre farm and ranch bordered on the south by the Blue River, where Jerry gets much of his subject matter and inspiration.

Jerry is a member of such organizations as Oil Painters of America and Pastel Society of America. He has exhibited in several museums such as Gilcrease and Philbrook in Tulsa and the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. He has also been awarded acceptance into The American Plains Artists Show, American Art in Miniature Show, a workspace fellowship at the Woodstock School of Art, and numerous placings at the Southwest Pastel society in Dallas Texas.